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Interview Skills Course Excerpt
Networking Course Excerpt 



Talent Evaluation & Certificate Program


Mentorship/Advice Giving Network

Course Packages are structured for 3-12 courses and individual courses are available
Message us for our rates.

Pricing listed below is subject to resource availability. Contact us to check on wait list timing. 

How We Usually Help

  • Provide

    Because While It's Never too Late to Start, it Can Be Too Late to Start Smart.
    • Seminar Series
    • 12 Course Options
    • 1-12 Courses with packaged offerings
    • Dynamic, Live Courses Taught In-Person or Virtual
    • Taught in the Pomodoro Technique w/ Guided Breaks
  • Best Value


    Every month
    Become a University Others Take Notice Of- Safeguard Student Success
    • 12 Course Options
    • 1-6 Person Cohort
    • Access to Founder Networks
    • Premium Tools Access
    • Office Hours
    • Personalized, Deep Dive Interview Preparation
    • Certification, Grading & Talent Evaluation
    • Commence Advice/Mentor Platform Personal Touchpoints
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