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Your Dorm Room to Board Room Action Plan

Helping Students From:

We provide guidance for starting your workforce experience but more importantly we provide skills enhancements to fast-track your career

College is a wonderfully enlightening experience but it struggles to truly prepare you for the practicalities of the workforce. Skills like networking, negotiation, email writing, interview aptitude and more are left up to you without direction. We are here to be your compass.

Modern City

Giving you the skills to go from the front door, to the top floor

What We Do

What We Do

We’re consolidating our learnings over the years at multiple Fortune 500 companies & over 150 
outside expert opinions to offer your son or daughter the best ways to grow their careers. This is real-world experience, not something out of a textbook.
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Why Commence?

1: Scary Market Climate
Without a job lined up after graduation
21 Years
To pay off avg student debt

College is more expensive than ever, the job market is tightening, and debt is forcing young adults to live back at home as shown by an all-time high: 52% of those 18-29

College graduates are underemployed
Cost of college rising versus wages
Why Commence?
Image by Bill Anderson-Blough

Why We Exist

People are drowning. Drowning in debt, student loans, financial instability and trivial work without safer shores in sight. Grab our life raft and come in for a swim lesson.

College is a wonderful time but it does little to prepare you for the next stage in life. It leaves really no assurance that things will work out and certainly no insurance. We insure our homes, our cars, even our earnings but yet perhaps the biggest annual outlay for many is college and yet we do not insure that. If you’re paying $250,000 for your son or daughter to go to college, what’s it worth to you to ensure they get a good job out of school and are set up for success? That’s why we’re here and hopefully you are too.

Why We Exist
Image by Benjamin Child

Our Team

At Commence, we feel it’s important to get to know us before investing in your future.

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Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 10.11.28

We’re all rooted in our firm belief to be your “I wish I knew that earlier” prevention and to make the workforce transition a smoother, more successful, revolutionized process. Think Uber for College Graduation or Airbnb for Joining the Workforce. Except we hope you’ll stay a little longer with us and with your career path than at an Airbnb.

The Team

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