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Your Dorm Room to Board Room Action Plan

Helping Students From:
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We provide guidance for starting your workforce experience but more importantly we provide skills enhancements to fast-track your career

We are facing the fingerpointing frenzy: corporations believe students should have specific social, financial and professional skills coming into the workforce while college is set up (and continues their focus) to help with some introductory programs and corporate pipeline connections. 

What's happened is essential skills like networking, business communications, presentation & interview aptitude and more are left up to you without direction.

We are here to be not only your compass, but also your GPS. 

Modern City

Giving Students the skills to go from the front door, to the top floor

What We Do

What We Do

We’ve consolidated our learnings over the years at multiple Fortune 500 companies & over 260 
outside expert opinions to offer 17-23 year olds the best ways to grow their careers. This is real-world experience fused with foremost expert thinking.
This is the Museum of Modern Work.
Minimal Office

Why Commence?

1: Scary Market Climate
Without a job lined up after graduation
21 Years
To pay off avg student debt

Confidence in college is lower than ever while cost is higher than ever, the job market is tightening, and debt is forcing young adults to live back at home as shown by an all-time high: 52% of those 18-29

College graduates are underemployed
Cost of college rising versus wages
Why Commence?
Image by Bill Anderson-Blough

Why We Exist

People are drowning.
Drowning in debt, financial instability, professional insecurity  and social anxiety without safer shores in sight.
We are here to be your life raft.

College is a wonderful experience that opens up people's minds & lives but it's under assault right now and not structured with the curricula, resources or funding to make big changes. As a partner to Higher Ed, we are here to fuse the professional experiences with the industry and research best practices to bring students the #1 thing they want college to do for them: secure a higher lifestyle via their degree. 

Why We Exist
Image by Benjamin Child

Program Leader

The difference between good and great advice can be life changing. And great is our starting point.

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 10.37.44

Sure TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are full of expert advice but how do you know what to search for? What's good and what's not? What works and what doesn't? What's most effective?

This is where we come in to collate, curate, combine, consolidate and all other ways to say we collect the best.

The Team
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