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Meet the Team

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Tim’s Inspirational Message:

You were given the gift of life. It is on you to figure out your full potential and then take the necessary steps to achieve it. That is the surest way to a fulfilling life.

My sincere desire is to help you develop the skills to start the process of achieving your full potential.

Tim Denman, Co-Founder,

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Tim is a Sales Director at Premise Health leading the Northeast and clients needs for onsite clinics and care. Prior to that, Tim was a Business Development Leader at Mercer. Through Tim’s expert questioning, strategic insight and “in giving we receive” manifested mantra, Tim had garnered significant success as the Top Producer at Mercer.


Prior to joining Mercer, Tim spent time managing executive relationships among Fortune 100 companies at CareerBuilder. Tim’s storied career path also includes leading business development efforts at a noted Private Equity Firm and serving as a civil engineer officer in the United States Air Force. His last assignment was an exchange officer and instructor within the Civil & Mechanical Engineering Department at West Point.

Tim went to Manhattan College for his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and the South Dakota School of Mines for his masters in Technology Management. Tim also holds an MBA from Long Island University.

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Alex’s Inspirational Message:

No matter your background, the learning curve is long and large in the corporate world coming from college.

My goal is to take my experiences and help you shorten your time to productivity, time to enjoyment and most importantly- time to providing value and gaining fulfillment.

Alex Dripchak, Co-Founder,

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Alex's experiences include being a Senior Advisor at Mercer where through his proactive approach, client-centric mindset and fastidiousness he had become one of the Top 10 producers at Mercer.

Prior to joining Mercer, Alex spent over 4 years at Oracle in their HR software practice where he was consistently recognized as one of the top producers nationally. Alex was the first person in Oracle’s 40 year history and 140,000 employee population to become a regional sales manager and outside field sales account manager by the age of 25.

During his college years Alex spent three summers working for various divisions of the advertising & media conglomerate, Omnicom.

Alex has been trained in selling techniques such as Sandler, Costigan Methods and Miller Heiman. Additionally, Alex is an avid reader and implementer of techniques from over 45 noted authors including Clear, Kwik, Gitomer, Carnegie, Rackham and more.

Alex is a newly published author. His book: 100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional: your guidebook to establishing & elevating your career has been published by Business Expert Press and featured in many leading podcasts including The Sales Evangelist and Influential Entrepreneurs. He has also been published in Harvard Business Review, CEO World, Real Leaders Magazine, Destination CRM, Career Toolbelt and several other leading business publications. 

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David’s Inspirational Message:

As you begin your journey towards financial independence, there are 2 lessons that I want to share with you based upon my learnings and experiences over the past 4 decades. 

First, financial planning and preparedness, much like life, is a marathon and not a sprint. Be prepared for the unexpected, however, it is important not to lose sight of your ultimate goals.

The other lesson I learned early in my career that was very helpful to me was advice my manager gave me to "Get Ahead, Stay Ahead". The earlier you begin financial planning, the more likely you are to achieve your objectives. 

By practicing these 2 simple ideas, you will launch yourself towards financial independence. I am excited to help you reach your goals. 

David Dripchak, Evaluator,

Financial Wellness Lead

David recently retired as the North American Chief Financial Officer for Philips after a long and distinguished career in which he served in various capacities including regional CFO for both the Consumer Products and Lighting Divisions.


He is a Certified Public Accountant and has developed a boutique financial consulting practice providing services to both corporate clients and high net worth individuals. 

David develops financial wellness materials for Commence course graduates to ensure they are well versed in developing a financial plan personalized to their individual needs. This includes savings and investment vehicles designed to maximize earnings, tax efficiency, and grow wealth to place them on a path towards financial stability and independence. 

Meet the Team
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